By Paula Hagan, Vice President


This years theme of “Tiny Piecing” was a perfect segue from a class we had just taken on improvisational tiny piecing from Debra Jalbert (@madeofhonorquilts). We usually have one person head up the charity quilt design and implementation, and this year was Paula Hagan (@sewmodernchicky).


The original design was drawn out on graph paper and then divided up into 48 blocks. Each block was put into a “block kit” with all the fabric included and a general “pattern” for each block. The members took their kit and could sew it any way they wanted to but the colors had to be in certain spots to achieve the wavy rows. Once all the blocks were put together, onto the quilter it went! Our very own guild member Laura Bezares (@wicked_awesome_quilting) stepped up and created a beautiful wave pattern that fit right in with our Sea Glass Tessellation theme. She also created our label!


The quilt went back to Paula for binding and voila!This was a big project, but it hit home that the “Whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”. Each members blocks were beautiful on their own, but when they were sewn together….WOW… The best part of this challenge was seeing all these great women coming together happily to help create the quilt. It was out of the comfort zone for many of them to work with tiny pieces and also to sew improv, but they stepped up, learned something new and made something beautiful in the process. No specific charity has been chosen yet. When the quilt returns from QuiltCon, we will discuss it as a guild and donate it to a local charity. A big thanks to all the members that participated in this challenge, donated fabric and went above and beyond.