By Pam Fallon-Cousins, Communications Officer


We were keen to have an entry exhibited since we are travelling over 3500 miles plus the colour pallet was particularly appealing this year. It evoked our very own Scottish heather clad hills, hey, maybe we should have followed that idea up!?So how did this quilt come about? After deciding to go for it we had a call for ideas on what kind of quilt did we want to make. We shortlisted these as:A simple small repeat block were the colour placement made the pattern,A sampler of small piecing blocksA bigger image constructed from small piecesWe decided to get the most people as possible involved we’d go for A) use all the colours and B) a simple repeating block.It all started as a scrawl.


To be fair we did try to overcomplicate the scrawl adding all kinds of ideas from a vortex to who knows what… We scheduled our first sewing day, and it is a truth not denied that some of the team were nervous not having a pattern or anything other than a sketch to aim for. I was keen we all stretched ourselves and got something out of the process and hope we all had fun – even if I was treated like a victorian gangmaster. We organised ourselves into colour squads and churned out 3.5” wonky crosses – purples, pinks, greens, blues each borrowing strips from the previous team which would create an overlapping colourwash – kind of… maybe. It was very much a let’s see what happens.As we built the blocks up it became obvious that 0.5m each of the colour was not going to be enough to do the colour across the top. So we changed direction to a radiation of colour from the corner.After sewing day number 1 it felt like we had over committed. Great progress but so many more blocks were needed. At this point we rationed out the Kona “Snow” and many great people wonkied that snow up a storm!


A second sewing day saw us 80% there but the recurring challenge of not having a real plan was never having enough fabric. A final session resulted in flimsy!Now, it turns out if you have 719 blocks at about 3.5″ (unfinished) and 1 block at 4.5″ (unfinished) pieced into the centre of the quilt it doesn’t work so well. There will be natural variation in seams, cutting, piecing when 24 people have contributed blocks. This gives you a challenge.But when one of your members is totally awesome and patient (if you didn’t hear the swearing there wasn’t any swearing right?) you do end up with an amazing finish. Thanks to @the_orriginal Kelly she brought order to the chaos, smoothed the wavy wonky wonder and quilted it into submission!Oh and say the quilt title with a Scottish accent 🙂