By Judy Chaffee, Charity Quilt Initiative co-chair & Retreat co-chair


Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to build a playhouse/pre-school for the daughter of the wealthy industrialist Avery Coonley in 1911. A band of 22 clear glass windows encircled the playhouse as well as four triptych windows highlighting red, blue, green and yellow-orange geometric designs. Wright wanted the children to look out the windows and imagine a parade going by with confetti, balloons and even the American Flag.


This quilt, “Transparency Parade” is the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild’s nod to the creativity and joy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. 27 members of the Guild worked on this quilt along with our quilter, Tia Curtis. Our charity quilt co-chair, Judy Chaffee, designed the quilt from a compilation of patterns (with permission). Judy’s children attended the Avery Coonley school. Our inspiration came from Judy’s stories of that building’s windows and those by Wright that adorned numerous homes nearby her former residence in the Chicago suburbs. Fourteen individual patterns were tested and included in packets with directions for our members to follow. All 27 “makers” were gifted a small pin cushion made from the test patterns. Each attending member at Quilt Con will be wearing a pin with a photo of our charity quilt! Ask them to tell you our story!