By CarolineJG, Member


Designing a quilt can be overwhelming, exciting, challenging, so much fun…. Our Quiltcon Charity Quilt 2019 was all of this, but mainly ‘so much fun’.It all started with a small group of members, brainstorming around the friendship which runs strong in our Guild. The design represents a woven fabric, bringing together all the pieces that create our community. The quilt is made of 88 blocks.


t was very important to involve each and every member of our Guild, from beginners to experts quilters, from ‘short-on-time’ quilters to ‘let-me-sew-more-blocks’ enthusiasts. In addition, we wanted the blocks to be the opportunity to practice some of the skills acquired over the last few classes hosted by the Orlando MQG.In order to strengthen friendship amongst members, one of our guild goals this year was to develop some ‘Interests Groups’, small groups of members gathering around Orlando, learning, practicing new skills and techniques. And it is what happened for the Quiltcon quilt: a small group shopping for fabric, a small group cutting and preparing kits, a small group piecing all the blocks together.


Did I mention ‘so much fun’ before? Finally, the top has been quilted with parallel lines following the stripes in a way to emphasize the woven pattern.When you see our quilt in Nashville, we hope you will have a feel for all the joy and friendship that went into Warp and Weft of Friendship.In no special order, a big THANK YOU to all the members who took part: Aradria Cservsevits, Alissa Lapinski, Ede Nault, Carla Santorum, Kathy Aber, Debra Jalbert, Sue Kenard, Patti Lapinski, Sarah Lauzon , Carol Logan, Zonetta Glenn, Mary Smart, Marge Cree and all the quilters of the Orlando MQG.