The 2023 MQG Modern X Quilt Exhibit

10 years of QuiltCon—can you believe it? The first QuiltCon was held ten years ago, in 2013, and we’re celebrating with a special 10th Anniversary exhibit at QuiltCon 2023 in Atlanta.

The 2023 MQG Modern X Exhibit is a design-focused challenge open to all MQG members. Drawing inspiration from the Roman numeral for ten, the X symbol is common in many quilt blocks through time, from traditional blocks such as the Crossroads block to the modern X/Plus block. The 2023 QuiltCon logo features the X, and we can’t wait to see what modern quilts showcasing X shapes our members make for this special exhibit at QuiltCon 2023.

Go North by Maritza Soto

MQG Modern X Quilt Exhibit Rules:

  1. Must be an MQG member to enter.
  2. Eligible quilts must use an ‘X’ shape as a primary element in the design.
  3. Size restrictions follow the same standard as all QuiltCon quilts — there is no minimum size — there is a maximum of 440″ total perimeter (with no single side larger than 110″).
  4. Quilts will be juried into the exhibit, but not judged and not eligible for prizes. 
  5. Quilt entries will be open from September 1 to October 31, 2022 (the same as all QuiltCon show entries). More details about entering will be given when the entry guidelines are published. 
Model Farm by Brittany Lloyd
Boomerang by Patty Dudek
Sunday Sketch #176 by Caroline Hadley
Altered X by Mona Dinger
Upcycled X by Kristin Lawson
Use Your Illusion by Cheryl Brickey