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When is QuiltCon 2023? Where?

QuiltCon 2023 will be at the Atlanta Convention Center at America’sMart, on Peachtree Street, in downtown Atlanta, GA from Thursday, February 23 through Sunday, February 26, 2023.


When can we book a hotel for QuiltCon 2023?

The QuiltCon 2023 host hotel is now open for booking! For more information check out the QuitCon website at


When can I register for QuiltCon 2023?

Early bird registration is now open for members. The registration page is found at and only members with current accounts will be permitted to register at this time.


ACK, I need to cancel an item from my registration!

No problem, we can help! Simply use the cancel form to request that and we will take care of it and confirm it’s done.


I want to add to my registration, how do I do that?

To add items to your registration, log back into the registration system and click on the My Account link underneath the QuiltCon logo on the left hand side of the screen.Next, click Order History, and then on your most recent order you should see an aqua button that says Add More Items – that you will click in order to get back into your registration.If you run into any trouble, please let us know!


How do I see what I registered for? 

To see your current registration details, you’ll need to return to the registration system. Here’s how – 
1. Go back to the registration system and sign in just as you did to register.
2. Rather than clicking a Register Now button, click on Account underneath the QuiltCon logo, then select My Account.
3. The Dashboard you are then brought to shows all of the items on your registration, in groups of ten. You may need to either adjust the number of items shown, or click on the number two that appears below the list to see all of the items.


Who’s teaching at QuiltCon 2023? Where can I see the classes?

Check out the Catalog webpage, featuring a fully interactive schedule and all the information you could want to know linked from one main webpage!


Who is the Featured Lecturer for QuiltCon 2023?

We are honored to have Chawne Kimber for our Featured Lecturer for 2023! 


When is QuiltCon 2024? Where?

QuiltCon 2024 will be at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC from Thursday, February 22-25, 2024.


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