QuiltCon Judging Policy​

Overall Objective of Judging the QuiltCon Quilt Show

The overall objective of judging for the QuiltCon quilt show iso select quilts for specific awards that best represent the MQG definition of modern quilting and the specific category into which the quilt was entered. The official MQG definition of modern quilting can be found on the MQG website and is incorporated herein by reference.

Judging Panel

QuiltCon uses a three-judge panel consisting of two modern quilters plus a person with a demonstrated sense of design with a preference for someone outside the quilting world. The second modern quilter may be replaced by a certified quilt judge with an appropriately demonstrated background in or knowledge of modern quilting. Judges are selected exclusively by MQG staff and are announced publicly once all judges are contracted.

Judging Process

The entire judging process is done anonymously in that the judges see the quilts without being told the identity of the submitting quilter.

Judges are shown the quilts to be judged for the first time in the judging room. Photographs are not shared with judges beforehand.

During the judging process, a facilitator will read information from entry form including the number and title of the quilt.
At a judge’s request, a facilitator can provide the following additional information from the quilt entry form:

  • Original design (yes or no)
  • The artist statement
  • Techniques used
  • Whether or not it was pieced and quilted by the same person

Judging Criteria

All judging decisions should be primarily based on overall aesthetic value, originality and design of the quilts. However, the quality of workmanship is considered as it can affect the overall visual impact. All other things being equal, the judges will give preference to original work when awarding quilts.

Judges are instructed to evaluate quilts based on the merits and quality of the quilt design and construction and shall endeavor not to allow personal biases regarding the subject matter or content of the quilt to influence any judging decisions.

Final Award Selections

If a quilt wins one of the overall awards (Best in Show, Best Machine Quilting, Best Hand Quilting, Best Original Modern Design, and MQG Award of Excellence), it is not eligible to win a place award in its category.

Any judged quilt in the show is eligible to win a judge’s choice award, even if the quilt did not place in its category.

In the event that an awarded quilt is later found to have been misrepresented or is stripped of its award for another reason, the other awarded quilts in the category will be moved up.