QuiltCon 2018 Winners

Best in Show 2018

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Going Up

52” x 64”

Pieced and quilted by Stephanie Skardal, Individual member, Clemmons, NC

“Inspired to create unexpected shapes with negative space in traditional (but large) log cabin blocks, Going Up mixes the hard of high contrast and graphic lines with the organic look of Essex linen and straight-line quilting. This original design was created in Photoshop and machine quilted on a domestic machine.”

Quilting Excellence Award

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Ribbon Quilt
105” x 105”
Pieced by Sarah Bond
Philadelphia MQG, Philadelphia, PA
Quilted by Carol Heisler

People’s Choice

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She Was Warned
50″ x 72″
Pieced and quilted by Liz Harvatine
Los Angeles MQG, Burbank, CA

Best Machine Quilting, Framed

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All the Best Parties
74” x 83”
Pieced and quilted by Susan Kyle
Individual member, Toronto, ON

Best Machine Quilting, Frameless

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Happy Dance
65.5” x 71”
Pieced and quilted by Sandra Kaye
Individual member, Jacksonville, FL

Judge’s Choice

Tara Faughnan

Blue Jean Butterflies
60” x 92”
Pieced and quilted by Charlotte Noll
South Florida MQG, Lauderhill, FL

Melanie Falick

Hard to Handle
76” x 99”
Pieced and quilted by Daisy Aschehoug
Individual member, Oslo, Norway

Beverly Fine

Nests and Vessels #1: The House Protects the Dreamer
78” x 69.5”
Pieced by Leslie Tucker Jenison
San Antonio MQG, San Antonio, TX
Quilted by Joanna Marsh

American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese Quilting Challenge

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1st Place: Free Motion
54” x 68”
Pieced and quilted by Mary Keasler
Chattanooga MQG, Chattanooga, TN

2nd Place: Northern Obsession
56” x 70”
Pieced and quilted by Christine Perrigo
Denver Metro MQG, Erie, CO

3rd Place: Finding Home
51” x 55”
Pieced and quilted by Colleen McFarlin
Charleston MQG, Mount Pleasant, SC


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1st Place: Canterbury #2
38” x 38”
Pieced and quilted by Debbie Grifka
Ann Arbor MQG, Ann Arbor, MI

2nd Place: Black, Brown, and White in Orange
78” x 78”
Pieced and quilted by Karen Maple
Individual member, Portola Valley, CA

3rd Place: Fauchet
62” x 61”
Pieced by Virginia Robinson
Triangle MQG, Chapel Hill, NC
Quilted by Suzan deSerres

Group or Bee Quilts

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1st Place: The Here & Elsewhere Bee
117” x 114”
Pieced by Andrea Tsang Jackson and visitors to the Canadian Museum of Immigration
Maritime MQG, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Quilted by Sheri Lund

2nd Place: Reflections
67” x 58”
Pieced by members of BeeSewcial: Karen Foster, Stephanie Ruyle, Leanne Chahley, Debbie Jeske, Hillary Goodwin, Felicity Ronaghan, Marci Debetaz, Kari Voitechovsky, Melissa Richie, Diane Stanley
Quilted by Karen Foster
South Bay Area MQG, Capitola, CA

3rd Place: Prairie Silk
89” x 90”
Pieced and quilted by Agnes Stadler, Ann Solinski, Debbie Wanzer, Elizabeth Richards, Katie Cox
Oklahoma City MQG, Edmond, Oklahoma


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1st Place: Blue Giant
85” x 85”
Pieced and quilted by Tara Glastonbury
Sydney MQG, Dulwich Hill, New South Wales, Australia

2nd Place: Stripe Tease
54” x 58”
Pieced and quilted by Jennifer Emry
Individual member, Arlington, VA

3rd Place: But, I Tried to Remember
92” x 91”
Pieced and quilted by Heidi Parkes
Chicago MQG, Milwaukee, WI


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1st Place: Leftovers #7
61” x 68”
Pieced and quilted by Debra Jalbert
Orlando MQG, Clermont, Florida

2nd Place: Neighbors
48” x 44”
Pieced and quilted by Melanie Tuazon
North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild
Livingston, NJ

3rd Place: Loon Lake Love
56” x 59”
Pieced by Krista Fleckenstein
Individual member, Anchorage, AK
Quilted by Katey Neher

Michael Miller Our Yard Fabric Challenge

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1st Place: Backyard Chatter
36” x 33”
Pieced and quilted by Sarah Ruiz
Houston MQG, Houston, TX

2nd Place: Casting Shadows
35” x 50”
Pieced and quilted by Paige Alexander
Greenville MQG, Easley, SC

3rd Place: Our Colorful Orchard
35.5” x 48”
Pieced and quilted by AnnMarie Cowley
Portland MQG, Hillsboro, OR

Minimalist Design

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1st Place: Harvest
53” x 60”
Pieced and quilted by Carson Converse
Northampton MQG, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

2nd Place: Terrace
61” x 75”
Pieced and quilted by Violet Craft
Portland MQG, Beaverton, Oregon

3rd Place: Lateral Ascension
65” x 74”
Pieced and quilted by Cassandra Beaver
Central Ohio MQG, Urbana, OH

Modern Traditionalism

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1st Place: Color Study H1
70” x 65”
Pieced by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Individual member, New York, NY
Quilted by Shelly Pagliai

2nd Place: Grandmother’s Life on Mars
65” x 70”
Pieced and quilted by Diana Vandeyar
Individual member, Oakton, Virginia

3rd Place: Lollipop
44.5” x 45″
Pieced and quilted by Diana Vandeyar
Individual member, Oakton,  Virginia


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1st Place: Incidental Collaboration
65” x 72”
Pieced and quilted by Nora Renick Rinehart
Chicago MQG, Chicago, IL

2nd Place: Mirror Ball
60” x 60”
Pieced and quilted by Maria Shell
Individual member, Anchorage, AK

3rd Place: Aura
48” x 58”
Pieced by Nydia Kehnle
Individual member, Monroe, NY
Quilted by Gina Pina

Small Quilts

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1st Place: Mountain Town
25” x 33”
Pieced and quilted by Mary Keasler
Chattanooga MQG, Chattanooga, TN

2nd Place: Reflection
35” x 35”
Pieced and quilted by Anne Sullivan
Orlando MQG, Orlando, FL

3rd Place: Digital Offcuts
36” x 25”
Pieced and quilted by Kathy Thorncraft
Sydney MQG, Homebush, New South Wales, Australia

Use of Negative Space

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1st Place: Urban Trek
60” x 72”
Pieced and quilted by Heather Black
Inland Northwest MQG, Spokane, WA

2nd Place: Kintsugi VII: Birds in the Air
56” x 68″
Pieced and quilted by Alexis Deise
Boston MQG, Newton, MA

3rd Place: Sirkel
66” x 88”
Pieced and quilted by Daisy Aschehoug
Individual member, Oslo, Norway


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1st Place: America the Beautiful
45” x 70”
Pieced by Ann Guiam
Individual member, Antioch, CA
Quilted by Nancy Williams

2nd Place: Family
49.6” x 36.5”
Pieced by Kyla Farquharson
Individual member, Saltcoats, Saskatchewan
Quilted by Hanna Farquharson

3rd Place: Perseverance
92” x 88”
Pieced and quilted by Isaac Weise
Individual member, Longmont, Colorado