American Patchwork & Quilting Transparency 2025 Quilting Challenge

Sponsored by American Patchwork & Quilting

For QuiltCon 2025, the MQG and American Patchwork & Quilting want to see your take on transparency in modern quilts!

Transparency in quiltmaking is a visual illusion – an implied sense of transparency created by the combination of fabrics that makes them appear as though they are overlapping and blending into one another. Quilters create this effect by playing with different colors that are next to one another on the color wheel. Alternatively, quilters can play with value within a single color to create transparency. The key to a successful composition that evokes transparency is fabric selection. A common technology trick to help differentiate values in fabrics is to take a photo with your phone, then edit the photo to grayscale, removing all color and thus making it easier to differentiate between light and dark fabrics within the same color. 

Quilts can be entered into the American Patchwork & Quilting Transparency Challenge using the standard QuiltCon submission process, which will open September 1st, 2024. Entries will close October 31, 2024.

American Patchwork & Quilting Transparency Quilting Challenge Rules:

    1. Must be an MQG member to enter
    2. Eligible quilts must use the concept of Transparency as the primary element in the design.
    3. Size restrictions follow the same standard as all QuiltCon quilts. No minimum size, maximum is 376” total perimeter, with no single side larger than 94”.
    4. Quilts will be juried into the exhibit, judged, and eligible for prizes.
    5. Quilt entries will open from September 1 through October 31, the same as all QuiltCon show entries. More details about the entry process will be given when entry guidelines are published.
Complementary Convergence by Cassandra Beaver
Shade Study by Megan Ellinger
Out of the Blue by Linda Branting
Coloring Outside the Lines by Liz Kuny