MQG Low Volume Member Exhibit

For QuiltCon 2025, shhhh is the keyword! Low volume is the focus of the annual MQG juried special exhibit.

Low volume fabrics that can read as neutrals or even solids at times, despite being printed fabrics. Dots, grids, and small overall graphic repeats are often found in low-volume fabrics. Subtle white, cream, gray, or other very pale fabrics with these types of prints are often referred to as the “new neutrals” in modern fabric collections. Ten years ago, most of those prints would appear in shades of gray or black, more and more punches of color are seen in low volume prints. 

Quilts can be entered into the Low Volume Special Exhibit using the standard QuiltCon submission process, which will open September 1st, 2024. Entries will close October 31, 2024.

Pathways by Tanya Munro

MQG Low Volume Exhibit Rules:

  1. Must be an MQG member to enter.
  2. Eligible quilts must use the idea of Low Volume as the primary element in the design.
  3. Size restrictions follow the same standard as all QuiltCon Quilts. No minimum size, maximum is 376” total perimeter, with no single side larger than 94”.
  4. Quilts will be juried into the exhibit, but not judged or eligible for prizes.
  5. Quilt entries will open from September 1 through October 31, 2024, the same as all QuiltCon show entries. More details about the entry process will be given when entry guidelines are published. 
Ode de Yoshiko by Marilyn Farquhar
Free Motion by Mary Keasler
No Value Does Not Equal Free by Molli Sparkles