Windham Ruby+Bee 2025 Fabric Challenge

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Our featured speaker for QuiltCon 2025, Tara Faughnan, has selected six beautiful Ruby+Bee Solids from Windham Fabrics for you to work with in this year’s fabric challenge!

Quilters may use from 3 to 6 colors in the palette to create their quilt. Any other fabric, neutrals, etc. may not be used on the quilt top or binding. Makers may use any fabric of their choice for the quilt backing. Maximum quilt size is 94” per side. 

Quilts are entered into QuiltCon using the standard submission process, selecting the Windham Ruby+Bee 2025 Challenge category. Submissions open September 1, 2024 and close October 31, 2024.

*Please note we are discontinuing the free fabric bundles distributed in previous years. Several factors have led to this change including but not limited to rising shipping costs, excessive administrative requirements for distribution, the environmental impact of shipping such a large quantity of small packages, and the limited quantity of members receiving bundles. We thank you for your understanding.

Windham Ruby+Bee 2025 Fabric Challenge Rules

  1. Must be a current MQG member to participate.
  2. Fabric Challenge quilts must use at least 3 of the 6 challenge fabrics — no other fabrics may be used on the front of the quilts.
    If the binding is visible from the front of the quilt, it must be in one of the palette fabrics — the backing may be any fabric. If the quilt is faced and does not have binding that appears on the front of the quilt, the facing can be of any fabric.
  3. Size restrictions follow the same standard as all QuiltCon quilts: No minimum size, maximum is 376” total perimeter, with no single side larger than 94”.
  4. Quilt entries will be open from September 1 to October 31, 2024 (the same as all QuiltCon show entries).

List of Shops That Carry Ruby+Bee Solids

We’re thrilled to have a list of shops from Windham Fabrics that carry the Ruby + Bee Solids by Annabel Wrigley and Heather Ross for your sourcing! Click on the SKU number link below, then find a link at the top of the color chip that will list all the shops that carry each SKU. We’ve worked with Windham to have all the colors ready and in stock for this amazing challenge. 

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